Abdel Elecho

What do you do when you get to see beautiful islands, captivating beaches, majestic waterfalls, magnificent rivers and breathtaking mountains? Take it in and capture it all with a camera. That’s how Abdel Elecho got into photography. He grew up amidst some of the best landscapes that Mother Earth has to offer. While in college, he was given a film camera by his mother, and from then on, he has continuously honed his skills behind the lens.

When he is not capturing moments and scenery, Abdel is usually in the ocean, surfing waves. His two passions- photography and surfing- go well together. Some of his photography assignments have taken him to remote beaches and surf spots in the Maldives and in Sri Lanka. Abdel specialises in photographing action sports, lifestyle, fashion and events. His work has been published in magazines and newspapers in Dubai, where he is currently based, and in the Philippines, where he is from.

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